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Cleaning And Maintenance Of Baby Folding Tubs

When you buy a baby folding tub, it is important to pay attention to its cleaning and maintenance in order to prolong the life of the baby folding tub, which can be carried out in the following ways.

1. Use special cleaning products to clean the baby folding tub.

Fill the folding tub with warm water up to 2" above the highest nozzle or leave the water in the folding tub after use. Add two tablespoons of low foaming: powdered automatic dishwashing detergent and a small amount of household bleach to the water to clean. Folding tubs also harbour a lot of bacteria when they are left hot and humid for long periods of time. Sometimes after cleaning, the surface looks clean, but in fact there is still a lot of bacteria present. Wipe the surface of the folding infant bathtub with boiling water regularly and do not use disinfectant water as it does not always kill moulds, fungi etc. 2.

2. Repair any damage in good time.

Baby foldable baths are mostly made of plastic, so do not bruise or scratch the surface by hitting it with hard objects. If there are cracks or small holes, repair them promptly.

Only by paying attention to its cleaning and maintenance can you better extend the life of your baby folding tub.

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