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How Do I Choose A Potty Training Seat?

Sometime between the ages of 20 and 30 months you may notice that your baby is using less nappy wetting. This is a sign that it is time for you to prepare your toddler's potty seat and start potty training your baby. Here are steps to promote perfect potty training.

Choose the best potty training seat. There are three basic types to choose from, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

Baby Potty


(1) Portable

You can take it from one room of your child's death to another, so it's convenient when your child wants to go to the toilet. It is small and light enough to carry on short trips.

(2) Child size

The infant potty training seat is sized to fit a toddler and is only suitable for toddlers.

(3) Reduces fear

There is no risk of falling into the water and the child may feel more comfortable as the potty seat is under his control. There is no need to worry about the child falling into the potty.

(4) Legs can hang in the air

When the child toilets, her feet do not have to be on the floor, allowing her legs to dangle comfortably.


(1) Not easy to flush

(2) Not easily portable when traveling by plane or train

Baby Potty Seat


(1) Makes the toddler feel more like a scaled-down version of what the parents use, but it is not sized so that the toddler will fall off.

(2) No extra cost as it is attached to the top end of the toilet seat.

(3) Portable. The newborn potty seat attaches easily to the toilet and is slim, lightweight, and easy to carry.

(4) Easy to flush.


(1) You have to remove it when you or other family members have to use the toilet.

(2) It may wobble when using the toilet, thus creating a sense of fear in your baby.

Potty Seat with Ladder


(1) The height of the potty seat with stairs can be adjusted to suit, so that it can be placed on top easily, no matter how high the toilet is.

(2) Handrails are provided on both sides for your baby to use when toileting, so your baby is more at ease.

(3) User-friendly design, no slippage, baby can easily and safely go to the toilet alone.

(4) Easy to flush.


(1) You have to remove it when you or other family members have use of the toilet.

(2) Not easily portable when traveling by plane or train.

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