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Baby Potty Training Seat Manufacturer

Baby Potty Training Seat Manufacturer

In order to let children learn to use the toilet independently, our infant potty training seat company has designed and developed a series of comfortable potty seats for this purpose. Such as infant potty chair, baby potty seats, and baby potty seats with ladders.                                         

Our products meet the ergonomic design specifications so that the baby can sit on it comfortably without moving around. It is also very easy to clean. Because children usually like to sit in the baby potty, they can use the baby potty first, and then slowly transition to the toilet seat.

Types Of Potty Training Seat

Function of Babyhood's Baby Potty Training Seat

Function of Babyhood's Baby Potty Training Seat

The baby potty chair stool can cultivate the baby's ability to go to the toilet independently. After all, children can't rely on their parents' help for everything. Before your baby is eight months old, use a baby potty to protect your baby from falling.

As the baby grows up, the parents should exercise him to use the adjustable potty seat.  Otherwise, when the baby goes to kindergarten, it is difficult to go to the toilet independently. At this time, it will be very troublesome without the help of his parents and relatives.

Why Choose Babyhood's Baby Potty Training Seat?

Easy to Use

The comfortable potty chair is designed to match the growth of the baby. And it has a manual, which makes it easy for mothers to install and use.         

Safety Guarantee

A variety of our baby potty training seat products have handrails, which prevent baby to fall off suddenly. And they have stable structure, it can make baby feel safe and comfortable to use. 

Eco-friendly Material

Made by PP material and its non-toxic and harmless. 

Easy to Remove

Small volume, easy to remove and you can take it out when you go out. 

Warnings of Our Baby Potty Chair Toilet

  • It's suitable for kids over six months.

  • To avoid choking risks, please pack up the plastic bag and small parts.

  • Keep away from fire and please keep it away from conditions of dampness, high temperatures, and exposure to direct sunlight.

  • Make sure the potty is placed on a level surface and safe position before it. 

IMPORTANT! Adult assembly is required. Please use it under adult supervision.

FAQ of Baby Potty Training Seat


What baby products can we buy?

Our infant care products company designs and develops the potty training chair products for babies aged 0-6 years, including baby potties, baby bathtubs, baby high chairs and etc.

Can the logo and color be customized?

As long as the quantity reaches 1000 pcs, we accept customized service. Welcome to contact us.   

How about the delivery time?

Within 25-35 days after we confirm your requirement.

What age should you start potty training?

Usually, the babies are 8 months to 3 years old, and they start to tell you that their diaper is wet or dirty.

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