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Babyhood Collapsible Infant Wash Basin: Big Wisdom for Small Spaces

Ever since having a child, the space in the house has visibly shrunk. Especially in the bathroom, baby bathtubs, wash basins, foot basins, and wash basins...Big basins nested in small basins, small basins stacked in big basins, not only are easily mixed up, but they also look unattractive and are unhygienic. The best solution to this problem is to fold and hang them on the wall, keeping it clean, sanitary, and space-saving.

Advantages of the Collapsible Infant Wash Basin

Lightweight and Portable

The collapsible infant Wash basin is made from lightweight and durable materials, compact in size, easy to carry, suitable for outdoor travel, picnics, camping, and other occasions.

Collapsible Design

The collapsible Infant Wash basin features a collapsible design, convenient for storage and transportation, saving space, and easy to organize and use.


The collapsible Infant Wash basin is usually made from high-quality materials, ensuring a long service life and strong durability.


The collapsible Infant Wash basin can be used not only for daily cleaning tasks such as washing face and feet but also for washing clothes and vegetables, offering various uses.

Babyhood Collapsible Infant Wash Basin, a Great Helper in Solving Problems

Today, we recommend a collapsible, portable Infant Wash basin. With easy one-step folding, a thickened design for durability, and clear arrangement for washing face, feet, and bottom.

Eco-friendly PP material, providing the safest care for your baby

The Babyhood Collapsible Infant Wash basin is made from eco-friendly PP material, resistant to high and low temperatures, safe with no odor. Made from strictly selected original PP+TPE materials, avoiding recycled materials to ensure safety, peace of mind, and health for your baby. Considering children's playful nature, the thickened basin design provides stronger resistance to drops and pressure, ensuring longer use.

Raised Stable Base for Anti-slip

Infant Wash basin features a rounded, smooth-edged design,5cm widened rolled edges, carefully polished to protect your baby's delicate skin. The bottom is designed with heightened sides for anti-slip, ensuring safe placement and protecting the floor from scratches.

One-step fold, hang for storage

The two-fold design allows for easy folding by lightly pressing along the edge. The edge grooves facilitate stacked storage while also allowing hanging storage, saving space and offering convenience. Hanging allows water to drain, keeping the Infant Wash basin dry and sanitary.

Compact size, convenient for travel

The compact size after folding can easily fit into a backpack or storage cabinet, saving extra space. When traveling, no more worries about washing, a multifunctional basin makes your journey more relaxed and enjoyable.

Color Options

Babyhood Collapsible Infant Wash basin is available in blue, red, and yellow, meeting different babies' preferences.

In conclusion, Babyhood Collapsible Infant Wash basin, with its exquisite design, safe materials, convenient operation, and diverse options, has become an indispensable parenting tool in modern households. It is not just a wash basin, but a manifestation of parents' meticulous care for their baby. Babyhood Baby Products Co., Ltd. is always committed to providing the safest and most comfortable care products for babies, accompanying every step of their healthy growth.

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