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How to Choose Babyhood Toothbrushes for Babies of Different Ages?

At every stage of a baby's growth, oral care is an essential aspect that cannot be overlooked. With the emergence of the baby's first milk tooth, parents face the challenge of how to choose an appropriate toothbrush for their baby. Today, let's explore how to select a suitable babyhood toothbrush, and the key points for choosing toothbrushes for different age months.

How to Choose a Qualified Babyhood Toothbrush?

When selecting a babyhood toothbrush, parents can refer to national relevant standards and combine with Babyhood's professional advice to ensure the toothbrush they choose for their baby is both safe and effective.

Small brush head, flexible cleaning: Recommended by Babyhood, the babyhood toothbrush features a small brush head design that can easily cover 2-3 front teeth, flexibly rotate in the baby's small mouth, ensuring that every corner gets effectively cleaned. Meanwhile, the brush head length is ≤2.9cm and width ≤1.1cm, neither too large nor too small, balancing cleanliness efficiency and comfort.

Moderate hardness, rounded bristles: The choice of bristles is also critical. Babyhood babyhood toothbrush uses nylon material, with a moderate diameter (≤0.18mm), which can deeply clean between teeth without being too thin to lack cleaning power. The bristle tips are all rounded to avoid harming the baby's delicate teeth and gums. Parents can test the bristle hardness by gently pressing it on the back of their hand, choosing a style that is neither too hard nor too soft.

Handle design, easy to grip: Regardless of whether parents help their baby brush their teeth or the baby brushes their teeth independently, the handle design is crucial. Babyhood babyhood toothbrush offers various handle options, from thin handles suitable for parents to hold, to short, thick, non-slip handles specially designed for babies, ensuring safety and stability during the brushing process.

How to Choose Babyhood Toothbrushes for Different Age Months?

As the baby grows older, milk teeth gradually emerge, and so does the need for different toothbrushes.

Silicone finger toothbrush (from the emergence of the first milk tooth)

Babyhood silicone finger toothbrush is made of food-grade silicone material, soft and bouncy, simulating the texture of a pacifier, providing safety and comfort. Parents can put the toothbrush on their finger to gently clean the baby's teeth and gums, fostering the baby's initial brushing habits.

Small brush head soft bristle toothbrush (after growing 2-3 teeth)

When the baby grows multiple teeth, upgrade to a Babyhood small brush head soft bristle toothbrush. This toothbrush is specially designed for babies, capable of deeply cleaning the back of the teeth and all parts of the mouth, helping the baby establish a habit of brushing every morning and night.

Small brush head electric toothbrush (after 3 years old or when the baby doesn't resist)

As the baby grows older and gains more autonomy, try introducing a Babyhood small brush head electric toothbrush. With its efficient cleaning ability and labor-saving characteristics, electric toothbrushes are becoming a choice for more and more families. However, it's important to adjust based on the baby's acceptance and operational skills to ensure safe use.

In summary, choosing the right babyhood toothbrush for your baby is a meticulous and important task. Zhejiang Babyhood Baby Products Co., Ltd. with its professional research and development capabilities and commitment to safety and quality, provides parents with a rich selection. We hope the above suggestions can help parents better choose the right toothbrush for their baby, protecting their baby's oral health.

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