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The Use and Buying Tips of Baby Potty Seats

Parents want their babies to learn to use the toilet independently as soon as possible, so they need to buy a potty chair. It is suggested to take the baby to choose the potty chair and let them choose the style they like, which can help them use the potty chair smoothly. So, when can babies use the potty chair for baby?

1. At what age can babies use the baby potty seat?

Babies can use the potty chair by themselves when they are 1 year old. At this time, they can sit firmly on the potty chair. Some babies have already learned to walk, and parents can use the potty chair to train the baby to use the toilet independently. Children's potty chairs are practical and often cost-effective. It can be combined with adult potty chairs, which is very convenient to use. It is very comfortable and safe, easy to clean and not easy to get dirty, also saving time for cleaning baby's stool.

To let babies learn to use the toilet independently, it is very convenient to prepare a suitable stairs potty chair for them.  The most important thing is the material, and to choose a high-quality potty chair for the baby. Parents should pay attention that the baby's defecation and urination are different from adults, they want to defecate and urinate in a short time, parents should teach them to defecate as soon as they have the urge.

In conclusion, parents want babies to urinate and defecate by themselves, and this training should not be done too early until they learn to sit. It is not recommended that parents hold the baby to sit on the potty chair, and doing so prematurely will affect their physical health.

2. The purchase of baby potty seat

There are many types of potty chairs on the market. Using them can help the baby get used to urinating and defecating early. When buying a baby potty seat, it is important to pay attention to the quality and function of the product, and try to choose one with a good cost performance. Do not choose a product with poor quality because of the price, so as not to be harmful to the baby's health. In addition, the material of the potty chair should be of good quality, so that it will not be easily broken.

Many baby potty seats are not gender-specific, so parents need to pay attention to this when buying for their baby. Besides, don't choose products that are too high and have large inner circles, because this type of potty chair is relatively inconvenient for babies to use. Secondly, pay special attention to whether the potty chair is equipped with a cover and whether it can be taken out separately for cleaning. After all, whether the potty chair can be cleaned is very critical.

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