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How to Teach a Baby to Use a Baby Potty Seat?

Understand when baby potty seats are needed for babies

  • Babies can sit up on their own around 6 months old, so mothers can start training their babies to use the potty seats between 6 to 8 months old. It is important to choose a potty seat that matches the baby's growth stage so they can feel safe and comfortable when using it. Mother's patience and persistence are also necessary in this process.

  • It is not an easy task to train a baby to use an infant potty chair for both urination and defecation from 6 to 24 months old. However, once the good habit is formed, the baby can say goodbye to diapers.

  • Ordinary baby potty seats with cute designs and bright colors are usually loved by babies. They can sit on the back of a cute animal with a durable, non-slip design that facilitates good potty training practices.

  • It is important to remember that even though babies at this stage can sit up well, they still need adult supervision and care.

Learn how to use a baby potty seat for babies

Firstly, parents should take their babies to choose the potty seat they like in order to help them accept the seat more easily.

Secondly, parents should be patient, meticulous, and persistent in training their babies to defecate. They should try a few times each day, remove one diaper change at a time until there`s no diaper needed. They should explain to the baby that defecation is waste and should be put in the toilet or potty seat in a relaxed tone. They can let the baby watch the mother use the toilet or show them a picture book or video about using the toilet, which will encourage the baby to imitate.

Thirdly, when the baby defecates using a newborn potty seat, mothers should encourage them in a timely manner to let them know they are doing things correctly. Mothers should pay attention to their attitude when the baby is defecating, otherwise, the baby may feel mother is disgusted with cleaning up which may make them feel ashamed to defecate on the potty seat.

Lastly, mothers should dry the baby's buttocks immediately after defecation, and use running water to wash the baby's hands. To reduce the chance of bacterial infection, the baby's buttocks and external genitalia should be cleaned every day. Don't feed the baby or let them play with toys while they are on the potty seat. This encourages the baby to develop good hygiene habits from a young age.

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