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Steps To Train Your Baby To Sit On The Baby Potty

As a mother, when starting to potty train your baby, you should start by sitting on the potty. Your baby will be very helpless to sit on the potty at first, so it is important for your mother to encourage your baby and give her careful instructions on how to sit on the potty correctly. The steps for potty training are as follows.

1. Mum should carefully observe her baby's bowel movement pattern.

This is so that the mother knows exactly when her baby needs to defecate. When it is time for her baby to defecate, she can take her baby to the potty and guide her baby to use the toilet.

2. Familiarise your baby with the potty.

Although the infant potty chair is not difficult to use, babies who are new to the potty will need time to familiarise themselves with it.

3. Remove your baby's fear of the potty.

Some babies may have a fear of the potty and feel insecure, which is no better than using a diaper. Mum should explain to your baby how fun it is to use the potty so that your baby's fear of the potty is removed.

4. Encourage your baby in time and reinforce him/her repeatedly.

When your baby starts potty training, mum should be prepared for the fact that it will not be possible for your baby to learn to use the potty in one go, and that there may be other accidents during the training process that may cause your baby to stop. Don't blame your baby too much for failures, but encouragement and reinforcement will make potty training go more smoothly.

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