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Baby Feeding Products Manufacturer

Baby Feeding Products Manufacturer

Since infants learned to sit and stand for six months, their physical development has made new progress every day. Three meals a day is a major event for infants to grow up.

Our baby feeding products help the baby to successfully transition from one-on-one feeding to dining at the same table with parents and elders, which not only makes it easier for parents to take care of the baby, but also allows the baby to find fun in the process of eating.

Types Of Baby Feeding Products For Sale

Functions of Babyhood's Baby Feeding Products

Functions of Babyhood's Baby Feeding Products

Baby Grooming Kit: Baby nail clippers are specially designed for the baby. The safety jaws are designed to fit the baby's nails. It is not easy to hurt the baby’s fingers, which is more safe and convenient.   

Baby High Chair: It can free the baby's hands, without holding the baby when feeding. Exercise the baby’s ability to eat independently and cultivate the baby's eating habits.

Stay Safe: The anti-collision strips are usually thick, soft and very elastic. The anti-collision strip has double-sided adhesive tape, which can be firmly attached to the sharp corners, and can reduce the chance of children being injured effectively.

Why Choose Babyhood's Baby Feeding Products?

Good Raw Materials

The baby feeding products is made of non-toxic and harmless PP material and is specially designed for children.


Our products are designed in strict accordance with national standards to ensure the safety of the baby. Let the mother feel more at ease when using it for the baby.

Brand Awareness

Our company has been developing for many years, and our brand popularity has gradually expanded, and our products are widely popular at home and abroad.


Due to years of special experience in the production of infant products, combined with infant’s unique ergonomics. Our company has won praise from customers at home and abroad for its humanized design, original appearance and good safety performance.

Warnings of Our Baby Feeding Products

  • When using the baby high chair, it must be placed horizontally. Do not put the dining chair in a dangerous place.

  • If any damage or missing items. Please do not use.

  • Our baby feeding products must be used under the supervision of adults. Do not leave children alone.

  • Keep away from strong sunshine or frozen place.

IMPORTANT! Adult assembly is required. Please use it under adult supervision.
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No.1 Shuangnan village, Toutuo town, Huangyan, Taizhou city, Zhejiang province.