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Baby Bath Products

Baby Bath Products

Every newborn baby will face the problem of bathing. Some parents want to know whether it is necessary to buy a baby bathtub and whether it is possible to bathe the baby in an adult bathtub?

For a newborn baby, it is not only difficult for adults to take a bath in an adult bathtub until about six months before the baby can sit by himself, but also dangerous for the baby.

Our wholesale baby bath products are designed for newborn baby. You can use the safe baby bath products to wash your baby clean without worrying too much about safety.

Types Of Baby Bath Products For Sale

What Bath Products Do Newborns Need?

What Bath Products Do Newborns Need?

Baby Bathtub: Baby bathtub is specially designed for babies, the bathtub allows the baby to be in a semi lying position, so that his head is above the water. This design is relatively safe, and the baby is not easy to wriggle when taking a bath.

Baby Bath Support: The baby bath support can be used with the bathtub, make the baby’s bath easier.

Baby Washbasin: The baby’s skin is delicate and needs a special washbasin. The baby washbasin is specially designed for babies, and it's made of eco-friendly material.

Why Choose Babyhood's Baby Bathing Products?

Quality Assurance

We specialize in clean baby bath products for 10 years, the product quality is guaranteed.

Unique Design

Founded in 2009, our company is committed to designing a series of original baby products to meet the needs of modern parents.

Brand Recognition

Our wholesale baby bath products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Middle east, and find a good reputation by customers in domestic and abroad.

Certificate Authentication

All non toxic baby bath products of the company are strictly in accordance with industry quality standards and passed the test of EN71.

Warnings of Our Baby Bath Products

  • Before bathing the newborn baby, you should first clean your hands, and do not leave dirt in the nails. Washing hands with soap can better prevent the spread of bacteria.

  • Always place the product on a level surface and a sofa position.

  • Make sure the baby bath product is steady before use.

  • This products is not a toy. Do not play or throw with it.

  • Use it under adults supervision. Keep children from sitting on this this products by themselves.

  • This product is only used for children or pets bathing, do not fill other liquids, especially corrosive liquids.

IMPORTANT! Adult assembly is required. Please use it under adult supervision.
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