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Babyhood Folding Infant Bathtub Mainly Uses TPE+PP Materials

In the field of baby care products, Zhejiang Babyhood Baby Products Co., Ltd. has always been at the forefront of innovation, dedicated to bringing a safer, more comfortable bathing experience to babies. With the advancement of materials science, traditional baby bath tub materials have gradually been replaced by higher-grade materials, among which the TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) +PP (polypropylene) materials are mainstream, making the folding infant bathtub a darling in the market.

Folding Infant Bathtub: Environmentally Friendly and Non-Toxic

Why does Babyhood choose TPE+PP as the main materials for their folding infant bathtub? Firstly, TPE/TPR is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic material, non-irritating to the skin, and completely meets the safety standards for baby products. Combined with PP , it not only enhances product durability but also ensures no adverse health effects on the baby. This material combination allows parents to use with peace of mind, without worrying about harmful substances affecting their baby.

Folding Infant Bathtub: Soft Touch and Enhanced Bath Comfort

Folding infant bathtub adopts TPE+PP materials, endowing the bath tub with an unprecedented soft touch. TPE material has a wide range of hardness levels that can be customized to the ideal softness and hardness for baby's skin, making the baby feel the warm embrace of a mother's hug during bath time. Meanwhile, TPE's anti-slip feature effectively prevents the risk of the baby slipping and falling in the bath tub, providing solid security for the baby's bath safety.

Folding Infant Bathtub: Space-Saving and Worry-Free

Specially designed for urban living spaces and travel convenience, the folding infant bathtub is another masterpiece of Babyhood. Its unique foldable design not only makes storage convenient but also allows for quick unfolding when needed to meet the baby's bathing needs. Coupled with a patented folding mechanism and anti-slip foot stands, it can be used stably even on smooth surfaces. Additionally, the integrated handle design is thoughtful, allowing parents to hang and dry or store the bath tub, making the home environment more tidy and orderly.

Folding Infant Bathtub: Safe and Durable

Babyhood folding infant bathtub uses the combination of TPE+PP materials, which not only is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, but also soft and comfortable, as well as highly durable. The TPE material can adhere firmly to the PP substrate, ensuring stable structure and performance of the bath tub even after multiple folds and unfolds. Moreover, TPE's easy coloring and simple molding provide more design possibilities for the bath tub, making each one a beautiful scenery line in the home.

In pursuit of a high-quality life today, Babyhood folding infant bathtub, with its unique TPE+PP material combination, excellent comfort, and convenience, has won the favor of many parents. We believe that through continuous innovation and effort, Babyhood will continue to bring babies a safer, healthier, and more joyful growth experience. Choosing Babyhood folding infant bathtub is choosing a bath space filled with love and care.

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