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The Necessity and Selection Method of Baby Hangers

As the name suggests, baby hangers are hangers specially used to dry baby clothes, which are smaller than adult hangers. Different people have different opinions on whether baby hangers need to be purchased.

Ⅰ. Do you need a baby hanger?

Baby clothes hangers need to be bought separately, adult hangers are too big and will deform the baby's clothes. Ten or twenty hangers are enough if the weather is fine, but at least thirty if the weather is bad. It is necessary to buy baby hangers, because baby clothes are so small, and adult hangers will damage the baby's small clothes.

Ⅱ. Do baby hangers need to be disinfected after buying them home?

"The baby's digestive system is not fully developed, so the best thing is to make sure the food is clean and sterile!" Many mothers think that this applies to all baby products, so "disinfection" of baby products has become a common word in the circle of mothers. In fact, popular common sense is not necessarily correct. Indeed, for baby's feeding supplies, disinfection must be done daily, but for toys, clothing, and hangers, these do not need daily disinfection, because scientists have said that diseases cannot be transmitted through contact with the surface of the skin.

Whether or not a baby clothes hanger is needed is something that can be considered according to the family situation. It is not a necessity, and some precautions can be taken when drying clothes to avoid damaging baby clothes. But under certain conditions, we still recommend buying it. After all, everything is for the healthy growth of the baby.

Ⅲ. What aspects should we look at when choosing a baby hanger?

1. Looking at the drying rod, we suggest that you look at it from several aspects: first, the surface treatment of the drying rod should be fine, the clothes hanging hole should be smooth, burr-free, shiny, and high-grade; secondly, look at the thickness.

2. Look at the hanger carefully: If there is luster, the surface is round and smooth, there are no burrs at the corners, and it is flexible (it can be twisted 120 degrees without breaking), it is mostly made of disposable raw materials. If the surface is rough, too hard, with many burrs and the break is grayish white, it is made of waste materials.

When choosing items for your baby, you must pay more attention, because if the quality is not good, it is easy to be harmful, and other substances will remain on the baby's clothes. If the baby wears it, it will affect the immature skin. 

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