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Design and Selection of Baby Bathtubs

One of the essential items for babies is the baby bathtub. In order to ensure the baby's health, the tub must be exclusively dedicated to babies and cannot be shared with adults. Using a baby bathtub for baby's bath can not only provide comfortable bathing, but also avoid the risk of bacterial infection.

Design of baby bathtub

Baby-specific bath tubs have more design details, such as most of them being suitable for babies under 2 years of age. These tubs are smaller and take up less space. They can be used on tables, floors, in bathrooms, and in rooms. According to the design of the bath tub, common types of baby bathtub products in the market can be classified into the following categories: basic bath tubs, ergonomically designed bath tubs, infant bath supports (bathing beds), and bathing chairs.

  • Basic bath tubs: Light in weight, with a flat bottom, and no support accessories. This type of bath tub cannot be used for babies under a certain age who are unable to maintain a half-lying position.

  • Ergonomically designed bath tubs: Specially designed to allow babies to maintain a half-lying position, and can also prevent babies who have learned to sit from sliding down.

  • Infant bath supports: Common types include bathing beds and bathing nets.

  • Bathing chairs: Fixed in an adult bathtub with a suction cup or anti-slip mat, this product is designed for babies who can sit on their own (usually over 6 months old).

What makes good baby bathtubs?

Select an environmentally friendly material for the baby bathtubs, with a thickness of about 3mm. Choose materials with better wear resistance and softer texture. The strip-shaped water tank should have anti-slip surfaces, as babies are active and may slip when enjoying their bath time.

Use a scientifically designed bathing method, by letting the baby lie on a sloping air-cushioned backrest, allowing full-body showering, especially for the baby's back and buttocks, and ensuring the rapid flow of dirty water. For maximum safety, the area around the bath tub must be made of soft inflatable materials to prevent the baby from getting hurt.

Choose baby bathtubs with a beautiful pattern, such as cute cartoon patterns or bright colors. This can enhance the baby's identification ability. Also, choose a small-sized bath tub that can be easily folded into small pieces, making it convenient to carry even when going out.

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