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How To Pick The Right Baby High Chair?

1. Where will the baby high chair be placed

Think about where you will use the baby high chair, will it be permanently placed on the family dining table or will it need to be easily folded? Does it need to be a lightweight baby high chair or a foldable baby high chair? How much space does it need to accommodate? Some baby high chairs have a particularly wide base which may not work in tight spaces. Try to imagine how the high chair will work and where it will fit in your home once you have bought it.

2. Safety of high chair for baby

The safety of a high chair for your baby needs to be considered as your baby grows. A six-month-old may be happy to sit in the chair at mealtime, while a toddler will find a way to climb out of the chair. You'll want a baby high chair with a harness to hold your baby in place, so you'll want to look at how sturdy the chair is when you buy it.


3. How easy it is to keep clean

Baby portable high chair can sometimes get nasty, especially at the end of breakfast when they are covered in mushy bananas, porridge, and spilled milk ...... Your baby may 'paint' with the food, so the high chair needs to be cleaned after every meal, so make sure you get one that is Make sure you buy highchair that is easy to clean and preferably easy to wipe off - after all, it is used for every meal.

4. When should my baby sit in the baby high chair?

When your baby is ready to start eating solid food, it should start sitting in the high chair. Sitting in a baby highchair at the table, even before your baby starts to eat, makes family meals fun for your baby! If your baby is not yet old enough to start eating solids, you can offer them toys at the table.

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