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How to Choose the Size and Style of Baby Bathtubs?

Baby bathtubs are one of the essential life necessities for babies. For the sake of the baby's health, the bathtub must be used exclusively for babies and cannot be shared with adults. Using a baby bathtub to give the baby a bath can not only provide a comfortable bath experience for the baby but also avoid concerns about bacterial infections. So, what kind of baby bathtub is good?

What kind of baby bathtub is good

  • Choose environmentally friendly plastic materials with a thickness of around 3mm. Choose those with better wear resistance and softer touch.

  • Choose a user-friendly design with an anti-slip surface on the strip-shaped water tank. Because of the baby's active habits, when the baby freely stretches and enjoys the fun of bathing, he/she will not slip.

  • Select those with beautiful patterns, such as beautiful cartoon patterns or some bright colors, which can enhance the baby's discernment ability.

  • Choose a smaller-sized, babys bathtub that can be folded into small pieces when not in use, which is more convenient to carry even when going out.

Baby bathtub size

On the market, different brands of baby bathtubs not only have different designs but also have slight differences in materials and sizes. This is a headache for parents. Just one size option alone can be confusing.

Currently, the size of baby bathtubs on the market is quite varied. The country has not strictly regulated the size of baby bathtubs, which has led to significant differences in size between brands. These different sizes are designed for babies of different ages. Some are suitable for 0-2 years old, while others are suitable for 0-5 years old. When buying, it is best to choose a longer usage period, suitable for babies around 0-4 years old. Babies from 0-8 months old can lie on a slope-shaped air cushion backrest, while babies from 8 months to 4 years old can sit and wash. In addition, regarding the baby bathtub size, some manufacturers differentiate between external and internal sizes, which are also different. It is necessary to understand clearly when choosing to buy.

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