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Fox Portable Potty: At What Age Can Babies Use It?

To help babies develop good toileting habits, parents often wonder when their little ones can start using a potty for their bowel movements. Some parents might wait until their babies are old enough to go to kindergarten, while others start training early, hoping their babies can get rid of diapers as soon as possible.

In fact, starting early training is not necessarily the best choice. Each baby's growth and development pace is different, so there isn't a fixed timeframe suitable for all babies.

Choosing Fox Portable Potty, When to Start the Toilet Training Journey?

Regarding when babies can use a potty for their bowel movements, parents often have different views. In reality, each baby's growth pace is unique, and there is no absolute timetable. However, when babies show the following signs, it is a good time to start potty training:

Extended dry diaper time

If the baby can keep the diaper dry for at least two hours during the day, it indicates that their bladder control has improved.

Interest in the toilet

When the baby starts following adults into the bathroom and shows curiosity about the toilet or potty, it is a natural signal that they are ready to learn to use the toilet.

Body language and expression

If the baby shows discomfort when the diaper is wet and tries to take it off, or can say "pee" or "poop," it indicates that they have basic expressive abilities.

Fox Portable Potty: A Good Companion for Baby's Toilet Training

Among the many potty choices, the Fox Portable Potty stands out with its unique design and safe materials, becoming a preferred choice for many families. This potty not only has an adorable appearance that attracts the baby's attention, but what's more important is that it is entirely made of safe materials compliant with European EN-71 standards, ensuring that every moment your baby uses it is free from worry.

Portable design

Whether at home or on a trip, the Fox Portable Potty can be easily carried, meeting your baby's toileting needs anytime, anywhere.

Wide, smooth edges

The potty's edge design is wide and smooth, ensuring the baby sits comfortably and reducing the risk of accidental scratches.

Easy to clean

Made from durable materials that are easy to clean, the potty remains hygienic, safeguarding your baby's health.

Toilet Training Tips and Precautions Using the Fox Portable Potty

When conducting toilet training, parents also need to master some techniques and be aware of the following:

Step by step

Start by gradually reducing nighttime feedings to develop the baby's urination routine before transitioning to using the potty.

Focus and patience

Avoid distractions when the baby is using the potty, observe their expression changes, and provide timely encouragement and guidance.

Time control

Each potty session should not last too long; 3-5 minutes is ideal to prevent the baby from developing resistance.

The Fox Portable Potty is not only a great helper for baby's toilet training but also a considerate partner on the parenting journey. Choose a suitable potty, grasp the best training timing, and accompany your baby through this important growth stage with love and patience. Let us witness together every progress and growth from reliance on diapers to independent toileting.

At Zhejiang Babyhood Baby Products Co., Ltd., we are committed to providing safe and reliable baby potties, ensuring that all products comply with European EN-71 standards, offering reliable protection for your baby's care and growth.

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