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Mini Toilet for Potty Training That Babies Can't Refuse

In the milestones of a baby's growth, learning to use the toilet independently is undoubtedly a crucial step. When mothers gather and talk about their children's toilet training experiences, it is not hard to find that each baby has their unique schedule and method. Regardless of the timing, choosing the right tools and methods can make this process easy and enjoyable. Today, let's discuss how a Mini Toilet for Potty Training that a baby can't refuse can help them successfully complete this important growth task.

When to Start Toilet Training?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, when a baby is about 18 months old, their physical and psychological conditions are usually ready to start toilet training. However, this is not a hard and fast rule, as every baby develops at a different pace. Parents should observe the baby's signals, such as showing interest in using the toilet and being able to control their bowel and bladder, to decide when to start training.

Essential Preparations for Training: Choose a Mini Toilet for Potty Training

Choosing the Right Mini Toilet for Potty Training

At the initial stage of toilet training, a mini toilet designed specifically for babies is essential. It not only allows the baby to enjoy the independence of using the toilet but also ensures safety and comfort. Zhejiang Babyhood Baby Products Co., Ltd. has introduced a Mini Toilet for Potty Training made from safe materials that meet European EN-71 standards, making it an ideal choice for parents. This mini toilet is well-designed, easy to clean, and has a moderate height suitable for the baby's physique, effectively avoiding safety risks associated with using an adult toilet.

Using Picture Books and Cartoons for Guidance

In addition to hardware preparations, psychological guidance is equally important. Parents can introduce the process of using the toilet to the baby in an engaging way through picture books and cartoons, sparking their curiosity and eagerness to learn. This way, the baby won't feel resistant to the actual training because of unfamiliarity.

Preparing Easy-to-Wear and Remove Clothing

To facilitate the baby's quick completion of toilet actions, parents should choose clothing that is easy to wear and remove, such as pants with elastic bands or zippers. This way, the baby can easily take off their pants when needed, improving the efficiency and success rate of toilet training.

Start Training by Getting Familiar with the Mini Toilet for Potty Training

Get Familiar with the Mini Toilet for Potty Training

Before officially starting the training, parents can take the baby to sit on the mini toilet at regular times and locations every day to get them used to this new "toy." At first, the baby can sit without taking off their clothes and just become acquainted with the toilet seat. Parents can communicate with the baby about the toilet knowledge. This process helps the baby develop a positive impression of the mini toilet, laying the foundation for future training.

Establish Fixed Training Times and Habits

Once the baby becomes familiar with and willing to sit on the mini toilet, formal toilet training can begin. Parents can set fixed training times based on the baby's daily routine, such as after waking up in the morning or half an hour after meals. At the same time, parents should patiently observe the baby's bowel and bladder signals to remind them to use the mini toilet in time.

Differentiating Methods for Boys and Girls

The method of toilet training should be different for boys and girls. Boys can start by learning to sit while urinating and gradually transition to standing. Girls can learn by observing their mothers using the toilet. Throughout this process, parents should provide enough patience and encouragement to help the baby build confidence.

Toilet training is a process that requires time and patience, and parents should not be overly anxious or eager for quick results. By choosing a suitable Mini Toilet for Potty Training, being well-prepared both psychologically and materially, and adopting scientific and effective training methods, it is believed that every baby can successfully complete this growth task. Zhejiang Babyhood Baby Products Co., Ltd. is willing to join hands with parents to ensure the healthy growth of babies.

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