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What to Pay Attention to When Using Baby Bathtubs?

Understanding of baby bathtubs

Only mothers would know that babies tend to cry before and during a bath, and might even cry to be carried to the tub. It can be quite stressful. Adult bathtubs are too big and slippery for babies, and they might not feel secure in them. Baby bathtubs are perfect for babies and provide added safety. There are many types of baby bathtubs on the market, with many having a curved design for the comfort of the baby, and some even have a layer of soft sponge inside. The right bathtub can make bathing your slippery baby a more convenient and joyful experience. What are the things to consider when buying a newborn baby bathtub?

Things to consider with baby bathtubs

  • Choose a bathtub that is suitable for newborns up to two to three years of age. These bathtubs come with detachable bath beds, which allow babies to be at a higher level in the water and also closer to you. After a few months, you can remove the bath bed, allowing your child to sit up and enjoy more space in the tub.

  • Some baby bathtubs come with hooks or suction cups, allowing you to hang it up when not in use (such as in the shower or restroom walls), helping it to dry completely and prevent mold from forming.

  • Choose a bathtub that has a drain plug at the bottom, making it easy to drain water after a bath.

  • Foldable bathtubs and infant bath support are more convenient for storage and travel, but they are usually not as sturdy as non-foldable bathtubs.

  • Some parents use baby bath seats or rings after their babies can sit up on their own.

  • The American Consumer Association advises against using inflatable bathtubs for babies, as they are prone to tipping over. Another option is to use a baby bath mat in a regular bathtub, which makes it softer and more comfortable for babies.

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