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With a Baby Hair Wash Chair, Getting Your Baby to Love Hair Washing is Easy

Bathing is originally a relaxing and joyful activity, but every time it comes to washing their hair, babies cry loudly. Why are babies afraid of washing their hair? How can we make babies feel that washing hair is no longer a daunting task?

Baby Hair Wash Chair helps children not to be afraid anymore

Actually, babies love being close to water because, for them, staying in the amniotic fluid in mom's belly before birth gives them a strong sense of security. If mommy finds that the baby resists washing their hair, it is mostly because of unpleasant or uncomfortable hair-washing experiences before. It could be that shampoo foam entered their eyes, irritating them; or the water temperature was not well controlled, and the baby couldn't adapt to too hot or too cold water. It might also be that mommy accidentally let water into the baby's ears without realizing it while washing their hair. These scenarios can create a shadow in the baby's mind about washing hair, making it hard to overcome the psychological barrier, resulting in resistance and crying each time when it's time to wash hair.

At this time, it becomes important to have a reclining baby hair wash chair which gradually eliminates the fear brought by hair-washing. There's no worry about shampoo getting into the baby's eyes, and they won't resist washing hair. Thus, the baby can enjoy washing hair and develop a good habit of washing hair willingly.

Using a baby hair wash chair, make your child love washing their hair

First, select a high-quality baby hair wash chair for your child. Beilaisi’s BH-215 shampoo chair is made of eco-friendly PP material, odorless, without burrs, edges polished smoothly, no hand cutting. It can bear weight up to 65KG without deformation, stable and non-slip, foldable, ergonomic design that won't wet the baby's collar. The foldable design saves space, and it can be hung on the wall, occupying no space at all.

Once you have chosen the shampoo chair, you can start washing your baby's hair. Let the baby lie on the shampoo chair, just like we do at a salon.

When washing hair, moms need to be gentle, slow, and avoid letting shampoo or water enter the eyes or ears.

Use your right hand to apply baby soap or shampoo to clean. The baby's scalp is very delicate, with less sebum. When washing the baby's hair, be gentle, using your finger pads to rub the scalp gradually rather than scratching with nails. A baby's hair is slightly acidic, which increases acidity when sweating. Use neutral or mildly alkaline shampoo, baby soap for washing the baby's hair.

During the hair-washing process, moms can communicate more with their baby. For instance:

Is the water too hot?

Is mommy washing comfortably?

Once we wash the hair, all the bacteria and dust will be washed away!

Such phrases can shift the baby's attention to the "benefits of washing hair," helping them gradually ignore discomfort and cooperate more with mommy.

When bathing the baby, wait until after washing their hair to undress and rinse the body. Do not undress the baby completely before washing their hair to prevent them from catching a cold!

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