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Baby Potty

Baby Potty

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Our baby potty is specially designed for babies, When your baby uses the baby potty chair, it can cultivate his ability to go to the toilet independently. The difference between the baby potty and adult toilet is that its overall model is greatly reduced, which is mainly designed according to the height and flexibility of the baby.                                                            

After using the baby potty, the baby will no longer urinate anywhere at any time, so that the baby can understand the concept of hygiene from an early age. This baby potty training toilet has a drawer design, which can make the room cleaner when dealing with poop. As children grow up, they can adapt to adult toilets more quickly.

Baby Potty For Sale

As the baby grows up, it is necessary to buy a comfortable potty chair. For babies who can't fit or reach an adult-size toilet, please be sure to choose the one with the right size. Our baby potty training can meet your various needs and is suitable for children over six months.  

Baby Potty Advantages

Baby Potty Advantages

Sturdy Base
Our baby potty chair has an ergonomic design, which will let your baby sit more comfortably.
Anti-splash Urine Design
This baby potty training toilet prevents urine splashing, which can keep the bathroom clean.
Non-slip Design
The anti-slip pads are installed at the bottom of the baby potty. There are two bulges on the surface of the anti-skid pad, which greatly increases the anti-skid effect.
Easy to Clean
The baby potty training can be disassembled, which will make the cleaning more convenient.

When Do Babies Start Potty Training

The baby will sit after 6 months. Therefore, mothers can start training the baby to use the potty aged 6 to 8 months. They should choose the baby potty that matches the baby's growth stage so that the baby can be safer and more comfortable when urinating. From 6 months to 24 months, it is not a simple thing to train the baby to use the baby potty training toilet, but once the good habit is formed, the baby can say "goodbye" to the diaper. 

Our babyhood potty such as fox potty has a lovely design, bright colors, and an anti-skid design at the bottom, which can better cooperate with the baby's potty training. when using the toilet, the assistance and care of adults are also required.

When Do Babies Start Potty Training

Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Infant Potty

Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Infant Potty

Choose the detachable design of the baby potty chairs, which is convenient for dumping and cleaning. 

Choose a baby-led potty training seat with the appropriate size, please note that the size refers to the size of the toilet seat, not the size of the whole toilet. If the toilet seat is too large, the baby's ass will fall down and get stuck in it easily, which is not safe. It shouldn't be too small, or the urine will splash out. 

It is best to choose the newborn potty that your baby likes, which is conducive to stimulating his interest in going to the toilet.

Before buying the baby potty, touch the toilet with your hand to see if there is a sharp part. And try to avoid buying burr products, so as not to scratch the baby.

FAQs of A Baby Potty Chairs

FAQs of A Baby Potty Chairs

How long does it take to potty train?

This is not achieved in a short time, which usually takes a long time (about 3-6 months). 

Is it better to use a potty chair or seat?

In order to ensure the safety of babies when using the toilet, generally speaking, it is recommended that babies use the potty first. But for babies who over 8 months, you can start using the potty seat. 

Can the logo and color be customized?

As a professional baby product company, the logo and color can be customized, as long as the quantity reaches 1000 pcs.

How about the delivery time?

Within 25-35 days after confirming your requirement. 

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