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Tips for Infant Step Stool

Infant Step Stool, also known as an anti-slip stool, is a small stool used by babies to step on when washing hands or reaching for things at a height. Compared to regular stools, the infant step stool features anti-slip surfaces both on the top and the bottom, and is better suited in terms of height and size for babies. The step stoll also has a relatively flat surface for the baby to step on, making it difficult for the baby to lose balance or fall. Older babies often use step stolls independently, so mothers can consult their babies for preferences when choosing a step stoll.

Categories and Characteristics of Infant Step Stools

By Material

The most common infant step stools on the market are made of two materials, wooden and plastic.

  • Wooden Step stoll: Wooden step stolls are very sturdy and durable, and are eco-friendly and long-lasting. However, they are usually heavier, which means smaller babies might struggle to move them or might accidentally hurt themselves while carrying them.

  • Plastic Step stoll: Plastic step stolls are often aesthetically pleasing and colorful. They are very light, making it easy for babies to carry them. However, plastic step stolls are slightly less durable than wooden ones and have a shorter lifespan.

By Shape

Infant Step Stools come in various shapes, which can affect their functionality. We have listed the common shapes and their functional characteristics.

  • Regular Stool Shape: This is the most common shape, with only one height. It can be used for sitting, foot support when using the toilet, or standing on it while washing hands.

  • Step Stool: Featuring two steps, this type of stool is multifunctional. Both steps can be used for sitting, and the baby can choose the height they need to stand. It also helps the baby to sit on the toilet more easily.

  • Special-Shaped Stool: This type is often used with a toilet and can fit the toilet base. Baby can place their feet on this stool while using the toilet. However, due to the small surface area, it might be unstable for the baby to stand on and difficult to sit on, making it a less practical option.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Infant Step Stool

  • Anti-slip and Stability: The step stoll should have anti-slip features at both ends. The anti-slip design at the bottom ensures the stool doesn't move when the baby stands or sits on it, and the anti-slip top surface ensures the baby stands more stably. The entire stool should maintain stability during use, without tilting or falling over.

  • No Sharp Edges or Burrs: This prevents accidental injuries if the baby falls. Burr-free surfaces also prevent scratches when used by the baby.

  • Height: Before choosing a step stoll, mothers can measure the heights of sinks, cabinets, and tables at home, and then select a stool that matches both the baby's height and the furniture height to avoid purchasing an unsuitable product.

In addition, you can consider the weight, load-bearing capacity, and appearance of the infant step stool. Allowing the baby to choose their preferred style can help cultivate their habits of washing hands or using the toilet independently.

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We recommend mothers to purchase the "step-shaped plastic Babyhood." It is convenient for babies at different stages.

Reasons for Recommendation

The Babyhood product features embedded rubber anti-slip pads and can bear up to 70 kg. The larger top surface is more stable than the smaller surface. Designed according to children's height and ergonomics, it is suitable for babies from 18 months to 10 years old.

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