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How to Choose An Infant Potty Chair?

On the road of a baby's growth, choosing the right infant potty chair is one of the important tasks for every parent. As a care product specially designed for infants, the infant potty chair not only concerns the baby's comfort, but also the cultivation of their hygiene habits. Next, let's discuss how to choose a suitable infant potty chair.

Understanding the Classification and Features of Infant Potty Chairs

There are many types of infant potty chairs on the market, which can be divided into standalone potty chairs and toilet rings that are used with household toilets. Among the standalone potty chairs, the ones with backrests provide more security for the baby due to their stable backrest design; while the multi-functional combo potty chair can be flexibly adjusted according to the baby's growth stage, serving as both a standalone potty and a step stool, offering strong practicality. Additionally, Babyhood has also launched infant potty chairs that conform to the physical characteristics of babies. The height and width are meticulously designed to ensure comfort and safety for babies when using them.

Paying Attention to the Structural Differences of Infant Potty Chairs

When selecting an infant potty chair, the structure of the potty is also an important factor that cannot be ignored. The integrated potty and detachable potty each have their pros and cons. The detachable potty is easy to clean and disinfect, especially with a design that allows it to be lifted out, making it more convenient for pouring out waste and overall cleaning. Babyhood uses high-quality materials for their infant potty chairs, with easy-to-detach and clean potty designs to ensure hygiene and safety for every use by the baby.

Considering the Appearance and Additional Features of Infant Potty Chairs

Aside from the basic functions, the appearance and additional features of an infant potty chair are also major highlights that attract parents. Some potty chairs are designed to look as cute as toys, and some are equipped with entertainment functions like playing music, aiming to make toilet training more fun. However, parents should also balance these choices according to the baby's personality and avoid too many additional features that might distract the baby.

Detailed Principles for Selecting An Infant Potty Chair

Easy to Clean and Disinfect

Because the infant potty chair often comes into contact with the baby's excrement, its ease of cleaning and disinfecting is crucial. Babyhood uses materials that are easy to clean, making it hassle-free for moms.

Proper Size

The height, width, and the capacity and depth of the potty should match the baby's physical development. Babyhood ensures that the infant potty chair is meticulously designed to ensure the baby sits comfortably and moves bowels smoothly.

Stability and Non-Slip

Stability is one of the key factors when choosing an infant potty chair. Babyhood ensures their potty chairs have a non-slip design at the bottom, preventing the baby from falling due to an unstable center of gravity.


For families that frequently travel with their babies, the portability of the potty chair is also important. Babyhood has some infant potty chairs that are designed to be compact, making them easy to store and carry, meeting the needs of family outings.

In conclusion, choosing a suitable infant potty chair requires considering multiple factors. Zhejiang Babyhood Baby Products Co., Ltd., with its professional research and development team and strict quality control system, offers parents a variety of high-quality, safe infant potty chairs. We hope every parent can select the most suitable potty chair for their baby, assisting in their healthy growth.

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