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How to Properly Train Your Baby to Use a Potty Training Stairs?

Babies can begin potty training between the ages of one and a half to three years old. Every baby's development is different, so there's no specific time to start training. Don't rush the process; arrange bathroom time reasonably and carefully observe the baby's behavior. When you notice signs that the baby needs to go, immediately start potty training.

When can babies use potty training stairs?

Some babies can start potty training as early as one year old, while others may need to wait until they are three. In fact, babies' physical development varies, and there is no fixed time. However, when babies exhibit certain behaviors, parents should consider whether to let them use potty training stairs.

  • During the day, the baby can keep the diaper dry for at least two hours without wetting.

  • The baby shows interest in the toilet or potty and follows adults to the bathroom.

  • The baby feels uncomfortable when the diaper is wet and tries to take it off.

  • The baby can express the need to "pee" or "poop."

  • The baby already has a regular bowel habit.

  • The baby can sit still; using a potty requires the baby to have the patience to sit still.

  • The baby can understand adults' instructions.

A good potty is a helpful tool for potty training. Therefore, add potty training stairs to your baby's item list! A potty is an essential daily item for babies over one year old and a crucial stage in their transition from diapers.

Three benefits of choosing potty training stairs

Stimulate the child's independence

By using potty training stairs, the baby can gradually stop relying on diapers and adults, completing potty tasks independently..

Develop the child's potty habits

Cute and colorful designs,,and comfortable designs make children willing to use the potty,gradually developing independent potty habits.

Avoid safety hazards of adult toilets

Scientifically designed, smooth shapes fit the baby's ergonomic needs,making it comfortable for the baby to poop,avoiding safety hazards of adult toilets.

How is the Babyhood potty training stairs?

  • Safe and eco-friendly: Made of eco-friendly PP material, it is environmentally friendly,non-fading,safe, and hygienic. This ensures the child's physical and mental health and meets the critical eyes of parents.

  • Durable: We always focus on product durability,using high-quality high-density materials,ensuring it is solid and durable,safer,more comfortable,and easy for children to use, making it a wise choice for moms.

  • Convenient folding: The foldable design,when not in use, can be taken down and leaned against the wall,saving space,and can be directly spread and stacked on the potty when used,making it very convenient.

  • High safety: We conducted a weight test with a 150-pound adult man,showing that the product is very sturdy and robust,so there is no concern about the potty being unstable.

  • The bottom is equipped with non-slip pads,making it more stable during use,ensuring the baby is safe and secure while sitting on it,giving moms peace of mind and making babies feel at ease.

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