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Baby Hanger BH-724

Considering the health of the babies, it is important to distinguish between adult and child clothes hangers. We designed hangers for babies.

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Baby Hanger BH-724 Specifications

Item No:BH-724
Item Name:Baby Hanger
Product Size30 * 1.3 *19 cm
Carton size:68.5 * 38.5 * 29cm
QTY/CTN:5pcs/set, 48 set

Features of Baby Hanger

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BH-724 Baby Hanger Features

A baby hanger is a hanger designed to store and organize baby clothes. It typically features the following characteristics:

  1. Small size: Baby hangers are typically smaller than standard hangers, which makes them ideal for hanging small baby clothes.

  2. Soft material: The hanger is often made of a soft material, such as velvet or cotton, that is gentle on delicate fabrics and helps prevent slipping.

  3. Rounded edges: The hanger typically has rounded edges to prevent snagging or damaging clothes.

  4. Lightweight: Baby hangers are typically lightweight, making them easy to handle and store.

  5. Durable: Despite their small size, baby hangers are designed to be durable and withstand regular use.

  6. Variety of colors and designs: Baby hangers often come in a variety of colors and designs, which can be helpful for organizing clothes by size, season, or gender.

Overall, a baby hanger is a practical tool for parents to use for storing and organizing their baby's clothes. It helps to prevent clothes from becoming wrinkled or damaged, and makes it easier to find the clothes you need quickly.

Advantages of Baby Hanger

Advantages of Baby Hanger
  • Cartoon Bear Design: It's popular among children with its cute design.

  • High Quality: It's made of PP, and it has a good texture.

  • Rotary Hook Design: 360 ° rotary hook, and it can be dried on both sides.

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