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Baby Toothbrush Cup BH-703

The toothbrush cup designed for babies, it has a cute shape that makes them love brushing their teeth.

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Baby Toothbrush Cup BH-703 Specifications

Item No:BH-703
Item Name:Animal Tumbler
Color:Zebra/ Giraffe/ Lion
Product Size27 * 27 * 8.2 cm
Carton size:52.7 * 37.2 * 41 cm
QTY/CTN:24 pcs
MOQ1000 pcs

Features of Baby Toothbrush Cup

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BH-703 Baby Toothbrush Cup Benefits

Using a baby toothbrush cup has several benefits, including:

  1. Encourages good oral hygiene habits: Using a toothbrush cup teaches children the importance of brushing their teeth regularly and makes it a fun and enjoyable activity.

  2. Reduces the risk of tooth decay: A toothbrush cup helps to ensure that children rinse their mouths thoroughly after brushing, which can help remove any remaining food particles and prevent tooth decay.

  3. Improves dexterity and coordination: Using a toothbrush cup can help improve a child's fine motor skills as they learn to grip and manipulate the cup.

  4. Promotes independence: Allowing children to use a toothbrush cup on their own helps promote independence and self-care skills.

  5. Easy to use and clean: Toothbrush cups are designed to be easy to use and clean, making them a convenient tool for parents and caregivers to use with children.

Overall, using a toothbrush cup is an effective way to promote good oral hygiene habits and help prevent tooth decay in young children.

Advantages of Babyhood's Baby Toothbrush Cup

Advantages of Babyhood's Baby Toothbrush Cup
  • Cute Design: There are three styles, Like zebra, lion and giraffe. Lovely shape, which is loved by children.

  • Single Wall-suction Design: It's easy to install and remove.

  • Power-Grip Suction Cup: It will stay securely attached.

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